The Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production issues an announcement regarding imported products subject to the “Halal” label. – Algerian dialogue


Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production issued a statement to economic operators regarding the list of imported foodstuffs concerned with the obligation to put the statement “Halal” and the certification “Halal”.

According to the same statement, the Ministry specified the list of these materials as follows:

Meat and products of animal origin, including meat products.

Animal oils and fats

Sweets, including chocolate

Soft drinks and biscuits

Food additives of animal origin or consisting of suspected ingredients that are not halal due to the methods of obtaining them, and which are pre-packaged and destined for immediate sale or destined for the food industry.

Milk derivatives, including caseins.

All types of cheeses destined for processing or food industries

Preparations intended for infants and follow-up preparations


In the same statement, the Ministry called on concerned economic operators to approach the Directorate of Quality and Industrial Property of the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, the Algerian Institute of Standardization, the Algerian National Institute of Industrial Property, the Algerian Authority for Accreditation, as well as the Ministry’s website to obtain additional information.

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