The Ministry of Education announces procedures for hiring contract professors


Announcing the procedures for hiring professors as contractors (HM)

The Ministry of National Education announced the procedures for hiring teachers as contractors, stressing the need to publish the lists of those who meet the conditions, on September 13, stressing that every incorrect information is considered a false statement that exposes the concerned to the legal procedures in force.

The instructions of the General Directorate of Human Resources and Training affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, addressed to directors of education for implementation, indicated that, based on the outcomes of the symposium supervised by the Minister of Education, Abdel Hakim Belaabed, to complete the process of covering the vacant financial positions related to educational supervision, these arrangements came to be followed and adhered to to employ professors as teachers. Contractors in educational institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education for the academic year 2023/2024, in the ranks of teacher of secondary education in all subjects, professor of intermediate education in all subjects, in addition to teacher of primary education in Arabic, Amazigh and French language subjects.

The instruction called for the completion of sponsorship of scribes and trainees, through the liquidation of all processes related to scribes who are in the basic legal positions of the employee, by reintegrating them after the case of exclusion, assignment, referral to the national service, in addition to the reintegration of those returning from long-term sick leave and the implementation of judicial rulings. If any, and appointing the surplus of professors resulting from the modification of the educational maps.

According to the instruction, the surplus of high school graduates for professors who graduated before 2023 must be appointed in the grades and materials of their graduation, according to the vacancy and pedagogical need. The transfer of graduates of high schools for professors who were appointed in previous years in educational stages other than the one for which they were formed to the original educational stage in the event of registering a need A pedagogical title for the academic year 2023/2024, the appointment of graduates of high schools to professors, the batch of June 2023 in the grades and materials of their graduation and at the level of the educational stage other than the one for which they were formed within the limits of the pedagogical need, the appointment of the surplus of graduates of high schools to the teachers of the batch of June 2023 who have expressed their approval of the appointment in An educational stage other than the one for which you were formed, and the appointment of professors accepted for state entry for the academic year 2023/2024.

As for the registrations, they will be opened remotely through the digital platform for employment of the Ministry of Education in the period from September 5 to September 10 of the same month, as education directorates must widely inform this process starting from September 4 through all available spaces and means.

The candidate registers on the digital platform dedicated to hiring professors as contractors via the link by following the stages indicated in the platform itself, and he is thus responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information, as every incorrect information is considered a false statement that exposes its owner to the applicable legal procedures.

The candidate also deposits the registration file electronically by uploading each document of the file separately in PDF format through the account he created when registering on the digital platform and extracting the registration form that includes the deposit receipt from the platform itself.

The file for the employment of professors as contractors consists of a copy of the certificate required in the joint ministerial decision, a valid residence card, and a copy of a valid status document for males with respect to national service.

The head of the Users Department must review daily the electronic registration process and deposit files through his account on the same digital platform affiliated with the Ministry, starting from the date of opening the registration process until September 11, as he makes sure that the deposited certificate matches the list of certificates required for employment under the joint ministerial decision, and does not Any certificate that is not correctly and accurately included in the same decision shall be considered, in addition to monitoring and ensuring the electronic filing of all required documents in the file.

In the event of a mismatch or deficiency in the file, the head of the authority must notify the concerned person of this through the same account, and in the event of conformity, the registration file is confirmed, noting that failure to address the recorded deficiency within the specified deadlines or mismatch in the certificates leads to the final rejection of the file, as the process of Monitoring, checking, confirming and notifying the concerned person, if necessary, within 24 hours from the date of filing the file.

The director of education bears personally the consequences of confirming a certificate that is not stipulated in the joint ministerial decision of March 10, 2016. The head of the interest extracts a numerical tally of accepted and rejected files signed and stamped by the director of education.

The instruction called on the head of the Users Department to reserve vacant positions according to the educational stage, subject, and educational institution through his account on the digital platform, no later than September 10, provided that the positions allocated to the contracting process are set on September 13, at midday, by automatically processing the positions that were exploited in the state entry process, with provision The Directorate of Human Resources in this status, which is extracted from the digital platform, signed and stamped by the Director of Education.

With regard to the arrangements for appointment to vacant positions, the interests of the education directorates review and monitor the lists of concerned candidates and residents of the same municipality in the same order of merit through the digital platform, scrutinize them and ensure their correctness in anticipation of their publication, in addition to announcing the final lists by the directorates on September 13 at 3:00 pm. Using all available spaces and means after extracting them through the account of the head of the interest on the digital platform designated for this purpose.

The candidates choose the institutions they want to be appointed to in order of priorities within the limits of their ranking number in the list, noting that failure to select the institutions by the candidate leads to his deletion from the list permanently and is replaced directly by the next candidate. appointed, and conducting the monitoring and auditing process before announcing it using all available spaces and all available means, and then extracting employment decisions as contractors and registering them, provided that they are signed and stamped by the Director of Education and delivered to the directors of educational institutions.

The directors of the concerned educational institutions, no later than 11 a.m. on September 17, shall install the contracted professors concerned and hand them a copy of the employment decisions as retirees and a copy of the installation minutes extracted from the Ministry’s digital platform, and after they receive the applicable administrative and accounting file and an honorary declaration not to occupy any position or position. Employment position or profitable activity extracted from the digital recruitment platform, signed and approved, in addition to a registration form extracted from the platform.

The administrative and financial sponsorship of the contracting professors takes place in accordance with the provisions of the joint ministerial instruction dated October 27, 2021 mentioned in the reference, whereby the interests of the directorates of education must, before October 20, complete the collective employment decisions and deposit them with the budgetary oversight departments in order to mark them, and the same departments undertake the process of financial support. Paying salaries as soon as group courses are marked before November 30, 2023 in all cases.

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