The Ministry of Agriculture clarifies the contagious lumpy skin disease – New Algeria


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has taken a number of necessary health measures and procedures, after the appearance of some foci of contagious lumpy skin disease in cows in some states of the country, to contain this disease and limit its spread..

In the statement, the Ministry explained that infectious lumpy skin disease in cows is a viral disease that only affects cattle and is not transmitted to humans. It is transmitted from one animal to another through vectors (biting insects such as mosquitoes, etc.).

The Ministry also indicated that, since this disease is transmitted by vectors (insects), it is recommended to carry out a wide disinfection operation to eliminate the vector insects on a regular basis.

For its part, the Ministry recommended implementing preventive measures, which include preventing the movement of animals from infected places and isolating sick animals. And disinfect the buildings and various tools used in these places.

In addition to informing the veterinarian close to the affected agricultural investor.

The Ministry indicated in the statement that it has begun procedures to acquire the vaccine against this disease at the Pasteur Institute in Algeria, with the aim of strengthening the prevention and control system.

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