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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced in a statement, today, Saturday, that a preventive and proactive plan will enter into force, starting from this July, within the framework of the preventive control of the locust pest by mobilizing all the necessary material and human resources.
The statement indicated that this operational plan is to recruit all material and human capabilities, starting from this July, using means of intervention for all countries of the western region of Africa, as well as specialized technicians from the locust control units of the countries concerned, to enhance the exploration system currently in place to monitor the movement of locusts in the countries of the African Sahel. Especially the Republic of Mauritania.
This preventive and proactive measure for the preventive response to the locust phenomenon, which may worsen during the summer breeding phase in the countries of the African Sahel, was approved during the meeting held last June in Oran of the Executive Committee of the Locust Control Commission in Western Africa (CLCPRO), which is currently chaired by Algeria. And in the presence of the ten member countries, the ministry says.
In order to embody the decisions of the same body announced during the meeting, Algeria will support the work map by sending experienced explorers this July to carry out exploration and treatment operations in the summer breeding areas in Mauritania.
On the other hand, the statement stated that the Ministry’s interests, represented by the National Institute for Plant Protection, and following the infiltration of some small swarms into Algeria on May 19 through the southwestern borders, have harnessed all human and material means necessary to combat this dangerous pest.
Accordingly, the Ministry indicated that more than 2,500 hectares were treated in each of the wilayas of Tindouf, Bechar and Adrar, using spray trucks as well as aerial means harnessed by the interests of the Ministry of National Defense, where the total treatment of the locust groups that were monitored by the specialized teams and Total control of the situation.
As for the regional level, an unusual movement of locusts was observed in the summer breeding areas, specifically in northern Mauritania, and this is mainly due to the natural behavior that the locusts take when moving from the spring breeding areas to the summer breeding areas.

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