The Minister of Labor confirms that the integration file will be closed at the end of the year


Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal Ben Taleb, during his visit to the state of Tiaret

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal bin Talib, confirmed on Tuesday that the “final folding” of the integration agency’s file will take place by the end of this year within the framework of assisting in the professional integration of young people with certificates.

The Minister said, in a press statement during a working visit and inspection of his leaders to the state of Tiaret, that this employment agency includes 45,000 beneficiaries at the national level, including more than 42,000 people, while the remaining cases related to educational supervisors are awaited to be addressed.

In the same context, Ben Taleb called on this group to approach the bodies supervising integration in the states to settle their situations.

On the other hand, the Minister stressed the need to expand the base of subscribers to the National Social Insurance Fund for active wage workers in order to reduce the deficit recorded by the National Retirement Fund.

The spokesman highlighted that the deficit known by the National Retirement Fund is “provisional” and will be overcome with the concerted efforts of all actors and exploiting the improvement in economic and development performance that Algeria is currently enjoying, which is built on correct and sound foundations, which will be reflected in reducing unemployment and absorbing informal activity and thus improving the fund’s financial index.

In this context, the Minister stated that he ordered the Director of the Agency of the National Social Insurance Fund for Wage Workers in the state of Tiaret to work more to absorb informal activity, although an increase in the number of subscribers and collection amounts has been achieved since the beginning of the current year, but these results are “small considering the number of retirees.” As he says.

The number of active subscribers in the aforementioned state agency is 98,214 insured persons, while the number of retirement beneficiaries exceeds 77,000, where the factor ratio is estimated at 1.2, and it is necessary to work to reach 3 to 4 insured persons for every retiree, according to the minister.

During this visit, the Minister supervised the laying of the foundation stone for the completion of a payment center affiliated with the National Fund for Social Insurance for wage-earners in the municipality of Dahmuni. He will begin the construction of two other centers at the same time in Ain Karmes and Ain El-Dhahab, and all of them will be ready at the beginning of June 2024.

He visited each of the agencies of the National Social Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers, the National Unemployment Insurance Fund, and the State Employment Agency, where it was decided to transfer the latter to a suitable headquarters after the deterioration of the condition of the current facility, with an investigation opened to determine damages and responsibilities.

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