The Minister of Higher Education mourns the director of the Higher School for Teachers – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Kamal Badari, extended his sincere condolences to the family of Professor Mahdawi Rezika, the director of the Higher School for Teachers in Kobba, who passed away today of a heart attack.

It was fateful for the principal to move to God’s mercy after she finished the visit of the Minister of Higher Education to the school. The minister met with her with the students and with the school union. The demands raised by the students in their recent protests were settled. There are no less than 60,000 teachers, which was explained by the minister, who reassured the students of their contracts and work positions. During the meeting, which began with the principal welcoming the minister and ended with a group commemorative photo, the union’s concerns were heard. After the end of the visit, the principal hosted the minister in her office to give him some documents related to work. During the session, the minister thanked the principal for the outcome of the last months and the elegant way in which she dealt with the students’ protests. It was only a short time until the principal felt a sudden dizzy as she fainted and was transferred to the hospital, the paradox of life amid Great sadness for the students, teachers and her family.

For his part, the minister expressed, in a statement to the interview, his deep sorrow over the death of the director while she was performing her professional duty, comforting her students and her family, and hoping that the Almighty God would dwell her in his spacious gardens.

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