The Minister of Education opens the school season from Al-Bayda – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Today, Tuesday, the Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, supervised the opening of the academic season, 2023-2024, from the state of El Bayadh. Specifically from the school of the martyr Ulysses Muhammad.

The Minister of Education affirmed that the 2023/2024 school entry year “we hope it will be successful and will witness many developments. What is new this year is the installation of the English language in the fifth year of primary school, “this language, which is a strategic gain that we are proud of.”

Regarding the Arts Division, the Minister confirmed that the baccalaureate exam will be organized in seven divisions, including the Arts Division.

He also confirmed that what is also new is the installation of the traffic education subject, and we have worked with ministers and security partners to put it in our programs without visiting the timing or burdening the students and teachers.”

It is noteworthy that today, Tuesday, more than 11 million students were enrolled.

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