The Minister of Communications warns against the chaos of the sports media


On Thursday, Minister of Communication Mohamed Laqab, accompanied by Minister of Youth and Sports Abdel Rahman Hammad, along with President of the Sports Journalists Organization Youssef Tazir, held a press conference at the auditorium level of the Olympic Stadium on July 5, 1962 in the capital.

The Minister devoted the meeting to providing guidance to sports journalists, after a series of events that accompanied negative results in some sports, most notably the exclusion of the first national football team from the first round of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Ivory Coast.

Be responsible in media coverage

Dr. Mohamed Laqab was keen to stress that the sports media community’s call for such an appointment was late in view of the media chaos that followed some sports demonstrations recently.

This is what the guardian ministry did not accept, based on the principle of respecting the basics and rules of the profession framed by the laws issued by the Algerian state in this field.

In this point, Oqab specifically mentioned the media law that came into effect in August 2023, which specified for the Algerian journalist the map of history that must be followed in order to produce professional media material that is compatible with the social fabric of the country.

The primary official in the sector insisted that the journalist received academic training that does not allow him to publish information without verifying its credibility, as he is obligated to respect the ethics of the profession he practices.

In the same context, Laqab pointed out that the media treatment of the recent failure of the national football team is the best example of the mistakes that must be avoided in analyzing any topic.

According to him, the rope mixed with the rope, and the journalist began speaking on behalf of the coach, the player, and even the fan, forgetting in this way one of the most important rules of journalistic work based on neutrality.

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