The Minister of Commerce reveals the opening of neighborhood markets 15 days before the month of Ramadan – Algerian Dialogue


The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, revealed that neighborhood markets will be opened 15 days before the month of Ramadan, and the market will be financed with agricultural products, and dairy products will be fortified with milk powder.
The Minister explained today, in a joint meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry, specifically to follow up on preparations for the month of Ramadan, that dates will be set for receiving white and red meat. Adding that all points will be discussed in this joint meeting in preparation for the holy month.
He added: “We want to move from crises to organized, standardized and digitized markets,” noting that the participatory approach will be expanded and all actors involved in the national strategy will be pushed.
He revealed that a tripartite committee had been set up to ensure that the market was supplied with various materials.
Zitouni stressed that preserving the citizen’s livelihood and purchasing power is one of the concerns of the president and the 2024 budget, and that the Finance Law was a real uprising to raise the citizen’s purchasing power.
Regarding the abundance of products, Zitouni said that most of the states of the country have witnessed stability in the market and there is no fluctuation in the markets. He pointed out that all markets know of an abundance of chickpeas, while shipments of beans will be introduced.
He also pointed out the entry of livestock into the south through barter.

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