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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abdel Hafeez Hani, stated that several measures have been taken to protect livestock to cover the nation’s needs, as imports have been resorted to.

The Minister of Agriculture indicated during a press conference that the increasing demand for this substance, especially during the summer and social incomes such as university residences, school restaurants, and events, is the reason behind importing this substance to reduce pressure on the consumer.

The Minister of Agriculture also confirmed that the breeder is not the cause of speculation. A decision was made to provide “fodder” materials at the national level. Which was previously 0.3 kg of feed directed to the ewe. However, starting next October, fodder materials will be available throughout the national territory.

The Minister of Agriculture added that breeders can obtain fodder for 3,200 dinars throughout the year, provided that he has a card at the agricultural chamber level. Stressing that the era of high prices has ended.

The sectoral committee charged with developing and following up on the implementation of the national plan for the protection and development of herds, sheep, cows, goats, camels and horses was also installed.

The Ministry approved this committee, in order to work on updating the census, which allows determining the size and quality of the herd, by providing data and developing a plan for developing and improving nutrition, which will allow ensuring the continuous provision of barley throughout the year for the entire herd, as well as facilitating access to compound and fortified fodder. As well as reviewing and updating the tripartite system. In addition to breeding, which depends on genetic selection for distinct characteristics to facilitate the breeding process and improve its effectiveness in the herd. The animal health system relies on strengthening veterinary oversight and criminalizing the slaughter of female herds.

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