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The Media Publishers Syndicate expressed its satisfaction with President Tebboune’s measures regarding the press sector.

The Syndicate said in a statement: The Algerian Media Publishers Syndicate received with great satisfaction the measures announced by the President of the Republic for the benefit of the media community, on the occasion of the National Press Day celebration, which took place on December 3 at the Abdellatif Rahal Palace of Conferences. Because it will alleviate the burden of the financial and professional crisis that the press in general and institutions in particular are suffering from.

While the Media Publishers Syndicate confirms that the nine (09) measures approved by Mr. President have been a basis for the union’s demands for three years, within its vision of a strong and professional media system that responds to the citizen’s right to professional, professional and objective media, and preserves the highest interests of the state, the union It renews its call on the Ministry of Communication, and through it, the government, to accelerate the issuance of applied texts and the installation of bodies emanating from the Organic Media Law, the Audiovisual Law, and the Print and Electronic Press Laws, in order to allow the organization of journalistic work according to the rules of professionalism and professionalism and the conditions of transparent competition.

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