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The Minister of Digitization and Statistics, Meriem Ben Mouloud, revealed today, Monday in Algiers, the installation of a mixed, multi-sectoral committee that will work on preparing the draft law on digitization.

And when she intervened on the sidelines of the meeting, “Digitalization is a tool to enhance coordination and ensure the quality of public service,” the minister explained that this committee would ensure the preparation of the draft law initiated by the interests of her ministerial department.

Ben Mouloud affirmed, in this context, that this text “constitutes the cornerstone and a legal reference that will allow framing, controlling and regulating the digitization sector in Algeria, which is one of the government’s priorities.”

Ben Mouloud added: “In addition to preparing this “strategic” legal text, the Ministry is also working on developing another project that is no less important, which is the development of the national strategy for digitization with its implementation plan.”

And highlighting that these projects are being implemented “according to a participatory approach,” Ben Mouloud indicated that the ministry has begun to lay the foundations for this project “by updating the national reference system for the interoperability of information systems and launching the first national statistical process for information systems at the level of all sectors in May 2023.” .

This process was followed by “several bilateral meetings with all sectors, from the tenth of June to the thirteenth of this month, in order to complete the census process, which represents one of the foundations of the project to develop the national directive plan for digital transformation.”

Ben Mouloud said that the measures initiated by the ministry aim to lay the foundations that will ensure the success of the digital transformation that guarantees “improving the performance of public administration and contributing to raising the performance of the public utility.”

In this regard, the minister indicated that Algeria is experiencing “profound transformations in the field of digital transformation,” through the launch of important projects aimed at modernizing administration and improving public services.

And she stressed that her ministerial department “is keen, in coordination with all sectors, to devote this modernization, which aims to make the digital transformation a success in Algeria, in accordance with Commitment No. 25 of the President of the Republic related to achieving digital transformation, improving communication, and generalizing the use of information and communication technologies, especially in the management of the public service and improving the management of the economic sector.” “.

Ben Mouloud added that the goal of digitization lies “in establishing a new model for public management that allows strengthening the relationship between the administration, citizens, and economic operators, while ensuring fast and quality services that meet their aspirations, while ensuring transparency, saving time, and avoiding the hardship of transportation.”

In this context, Ben Mouloud touched on several “practical” measures taken by her ministerial department, the most important of which is the preparation of a digital platform that facilitates exchange and ensures the efficiency and security of documents exchanged between ministerial departments, in addition to preparing the first government portal that launched its first version in December 2022 under the supervision of the Prime Minister.

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