The governors of the Republic are racing against time to implement development programs


The governors of the Republic are required to accelerate the pace of work and remove obstacles to development projects related to citizens’ concerns

In implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic and a commitment to implementing his instructions given during several previous meetings, regarding the necessity of accelerating the pace of work and removing obstacles to development projects related to the concerns of citizens, the regions of the country are witnessing movements and field tours by a number of governors of the Republic in order to stand up and follow up on the progress of the development programs embodied in various important sectors. .

The governors of the Republic are intensifying their periodic meetings and field outings to follow up on the progress of completion of various strategic development projects, especially those related to pivotal files that primarily concern the citizen, in their commitment to implementing the directives given by the President of the Republic on several occasions.

In this context, and as an embodiment of the principle of participatory democracy and within periodic consultative meetings with representatives of the people, the Governor of Setif Province, Mustapha Limani, held a meeting with members of Parliament from both chambers, which was devoted to reviewing the reality and prospects of the sectors of national education, health and public equipment.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the technical indicators as well as the progress of the development programs embodied in these important sectors, while diagnosing the deficiencies and needs recorded in this regard, as well as setting priorities in the short and medium term, and this is within the framework of the strategy aimed at finding urgent solutions that are appropriate and sufficient to address the various difficulties and imbalances that have been presented in the field. On the part of the residents, especially regarding the problem of overcrowding recorded in some educational institutions and the provision of health services, which was the subject of discussion and exchange of views by the representatives.

During his answer to the questions raised, the governor of the state stressed that all of these concerns are objective and will be addressed according to specific criteria, taking into account the principle of priority and taking into account the available capabilities. He also noted the necessity of establishing such meetings with the representatives of the people in Parliament to study and address the various problems raised, calling in the same context for unification. Visions and work methodology in order to optimally address citizens’ concerns that remain at the center of public authorities’ attention.

For his part, the Governor of Sidi Bel Abbes State, Samir Chibani, received the delegation of the Economic Club of the West, headed by Murad Amin. The occasion was an opportunity to talk about the reality of the economy and investment in the state and in various fields such as industry, tourism, agriculture, women entrepreneurs, and others. The members of the Economic Club also kindly introduced the program. General Assembly of the newly established Economic Club, which aims to accompany official bodies and find consensus trends in the field of investment, especially in the west of the country.

By the way, the governor confirmed that he opens the door to all investors, whether from inside or outside the state, with the aim of reviving the wheel of investment of all kinds, stressing that Sidi Bel Abbes is considered a strategic state in the field of investment due to the leading national institutions present in it, adding that he always seeks to accompany industrialists and investors in implementing their projects in the state from By overcoming the obstacles they face, he also wished them success in their journey aimed at contributing to the national economy.

In the context of following up on the status of development projects in the state across all municipalities, and sending projects that would remove injustice from the population and to determine the extent of implementation of the instructions given in the various coordination meetings as well as field outings, the governor of the state of Medea, Jahid Mous, chaired a coordination meeting that included following up on the status of the projects granted within the framework of Equipment programs financed by the Solidarity and Guarantee Fund for Local Communities for the year 2023, where he gave a number of instructions, the most important of which is ensuring that all measures are taken to ensure the completion of all development projects registered in 2023, in addition to intensifying coordination with the aim of lifting the reservations registered in various obstructing development projects, as well as Diligent personal follow-up of the progress of projects, urging completion companies to respect contractual deadlines, and holding meetings with the involvement of civil society activists to propose projects within the 2024 program in accordance with the established scale of priorities.

For the same purpose, yesterday, the Governor of Ouargla Province, Mustapha Aghamir, chaired a meeting during which he stressed the necessity of working to accelerate the pace of completion of projects in progress and to finish them within their specified deadlines in order to begin the process of proposing new projects that have a direct and immediate impact on the life of the citizen, and this is by specifying Real needs and prioritization, taking into account the principle of participatory democracy.

The same official also emphasized coordination between all sectors when preparing the technical cards for the proposed projects to avoid any problems that might hinder the implementation of the programs on the ground, especially the problem of objections and the passing of various networks, and work to implement projects that would break the isolation from other regions, stressing the development of a road paper specifying locations. Completing projects and assigning them accurately to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the field, with periodic evaluation of the results achieved, correcting the recorded imbalances, and completing development projects on time to win the bet on embodying the largest number of development projects that are at the core of the priorities of the citizen of Al-Warqalai.

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