The government meeting was devoted to studying the justice, housing and labor sectors


The justice, labor, and housing sectors are at the top of the agenda for the government meeting on Thursday, September 14, 2023 (HM)

On Thursday, the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, chaired a government meeting devoted to studying a number of points related to the sectors of justice, housing and work, according to a statement of the Prime Minister’s interests, the full text of which follows:

“This Thursday, September 14, 2023, Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdel Rahman chaired a government meeting, which was held at the Government Palace.

During its weekly meeting, the government studied the following points:

In the field of justice:

The government studied a preliminary draft of a law related to combating counterfeiting and the use of forgery. This draft text, which was initiated in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, aims to combat such crimes in their various forms, especially forgery of official, public and commercial documents, impersonation of the identity of others, and unlawfully obtaining privileges, aid or public subsidies, as well as benefiting from financial exemptions. Or tax and other benefits.

This new legal apparatus also falls within the framework of continuing to embody the presidential commitment related to the ethics of public life, especially by establishing the rules of true fair competition in various fields, preserving public confidence and eliminating various forms of fraud to obtain services and benefits of any kind, as well as devoting transparency in transactions.

In the field of housing:

The Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City presented a draft executive decree amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 14-139 of April 20, 2014, which requires institutions, groups of institutions, and groupings of institutions that work within the framework of completing public contracts for some sectors of activities to have a certificate of professional qualification and classification.

This draft decree specifically stipulates the inclusion of digitizing the procedures for processing and submitting application files for obtaining a professional qualification and classification certificate, simplifying and easing administrative procedures, reducing deadlines, reviewing the evaluation system and ensuring its consistency, as well as the obligation of institutions to adhere to the quality system to improve their performance.

Finally, in the field of work:

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security presented five (5) draft executive decrees that implement the provisions of Law No. 23-08 of June 21, 2023, relating to the prevention and settlement of collective labor disputes and the exercise of the right to strike.

This concerns draft executive decrees that specify:

1- A list of sectors of activities and work positions that require the implementation of a mandatory minimum level of service.

2- Periodic obligatory meetings related to studying the state of social and professional relations and the general conditions of work within public institutions and administrations.

3- The tasks of mediators in the field of collective labor dispute settlement, as well as the methods of their appointment and fees.

4- The composition and methods of appointing members of the National Committee and the State Committee for Arbitration in the field of collective disputes to work, as well as their organization and functioning.

5- The tasks, composition, and methods of appointing the president and members of the Equal Member Council for public office in the field of reconciliation in collective labor disputes, as well as its organization and functioning.

The issuance of these texts would allow the implementation of the provisions of Law No. 23-08 of June 21, 2023, which comes to strengthen social dialogue mechanisms at the level of public institutions and administrations and within economic institutions, as well as the inclusion of new measures aimed at strengthening amicable methods for settling collective labor disputes, including “It allows the establishment of social cohesion that ensures a calm and conducive environment for the country’s economic growth.”

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