The G7 summit in Italy.. A prominent participation by President Tebboune reflects Algeria’s strong return in the international forum – Algerian Dialogue


The distinguished participation of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, over the course of three days in the Group of Seven summit of the world’s largest manufacturers in the Italian city of Bari, reflected the position that Algeria has now enjoyed in the world’s largest arena, thanks to the diplomatic policy that the President of the Republic has drawn up since assuming leadership of the country. The principles adopted by this policy are to emerge as a strong actor in resolving crises and strenuous efforts to establish international peace and security.

The distinguished participation of the President of the Republic during this global event attracted everyone’s attention, drawing on readings and analyzes that intersected at one point, namely the great credibility that Algeria has now enjoyed internationally, which was reflected in the quality of President Tebboune’s activities, his distinguished meetings with the leaders of major countries in the world, and his prominent presence among The framework of this global event.

Within this effort, the Prime Minister of Italy, the host country, invited the President of the Republic to participate in this summit to discuss several files, in which Algeria is one of the most prominent actors, based on Algeria’s return to the international arena through a balanced and realistic diplomatic policy, in addition to its great regional weight and dynamism. What it recorded since the beginning of its non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council attracted the attention of the world.

This participation was characterized by intense activity, during which the President of the Republic held meetings and talks with a number of world leaders and heads of several friendly and sister countries, as well as officials of international, regional and continental organizations.

This position comes in harmony with the doctrine of Algerian diplomacy, which has always carried the voice of vulnerable countries and those suffering under the yoke and tyranny of colonialism, raising its flag and defending it in international forums and platforms.

The prominent participation of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in the Bari Summit in Italy, which attracted the attention of national and international observers, also received qualitative media follow-up.

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