The funeral of the Mujahid Youssef Al-Khatib in Al-Aliyah Cemetery – Al-Hawar Algeria


The body of the Mujahid Colonel, Youssef Al-Khatib, was buried this afternoon, Thursday, in the Al-Alia cemetery in the capital, at the age of 91 years.

The funeral was attended by the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Saeed Chengriha.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Saleh Gogel, and the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, were also present, in addition to a number of government staff.

It is noteworthy that the commander of the historic fourth state, the Mujahid Colonel Youssef Al-Khatib, died today, Thursday, at the age of 91 years.

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