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Yesterday evening, Sunday, the Finance and Budget Committee, headed by Saad Baghija, Chairman of the Committee, continued its series of meetings within the framework of studying the sectoral budgets contained in the draft Finance Law for the year 2024, where it listened to the Minister of Irrigation, Taha Darbal, who gave a presentation on the budget allocated to his sector and the goals that it hopes to achieve. In the presence of the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azzwar.
The Chairman of the Committee opened the meeting with a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, after which he made room for the Minister of Irrigation, who gave a detailed presentation on the financial appropriations for the sector, entitled the Finance Law of 2024.
The Minister indicated in his presentation that the financial allocations to the sector in this draft law come in the midst of the new dynamism that Algeria is experiencing, through the launch of many investments aimed at the social and economic development of the country, by accompanying the irrigation sector to provide a public service in the field of potable water. Disinfection and providing irrigation water for agriculture as well as the needs of the industrial sector.
The Minister of Irrigation’s presentation stated that the commitment licenses are estimated at 211.731 billion Algerian dinars, of which 164.06 billion dinars are under the investment heading and are directed to 353 new operations for which an amount of 125.64 billion dinars has been allocated, and 38.42 billion dinars are allocated for re-evaluation of the ongoing program operations.
Payment allocations amounted to 332.37 billion Algerian dinars allocated to the new program and the operations of the ongoing program.

The members of the committee raised a number of proposals and concerns, all of which revolved around finding solutions to supply the interior states with potable water and linking some of them to seawater desalination plants, registering operations to complete new dams, lifting the freeze on registered projects and rehabilitating existing dams, and supporting the sector’s directorates, branches and institutions with resources. Financial and human resources, rehabilitating water and sewage networks at the municipal level, developing an effective strategy to protect cities from floods, digging artesian wells to contribute to solving the problem of water shortages, registering projects to complete waste water filtration stations in some states.

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