The fate of an independent and stable Algeria is in the hands of its loyal people


Lieutenant General Saeed Chengriha confirms that the fate of independent, stable and sovereign Algeria is today in the hands of its loyal sons (Ministry of Defense)

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Said Chengriha, affirmed that the fate of an independent, stable and sovereign Algeria is today in the hands of its loyal sons, by confronting the sabotage campaigns aimed at obstructing the path of Algeria’s new renaissance.

Lieutenant General Chengriha explained, in a message to him, on the occasion of the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious liberation revolution, that the People’s National Army continues to consolidate its strength and ensures that its operational readiness is at its highest level, in line with the goal of providing the factors necessary to ensure the ability to Defending the supreme interests of the nation, and building a strong and steadfast Algeria in various sectors and contexts.

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army added that the future army was able, in deed and not in words, to fulfill its oath and pledge and prove that it is a true and mature descendant of its predecessors. The successes and results achieved in the past few years, in all fields, are nothing but evidence of awareness of national history and correct anticipation of the prospects for the future. The future and its urgent requirements in the fields of national defense and security.

The first team also highlighted that a proper reading of the backgrounds and dimensions of the events taking place in the geopolitical field and in the world, and the correct awareness of the sensitivity of the tasks that must be raised day and night, to confront any emergency, challenge or threat, underlie the constant search for elements of strength capable of providing a qualitative addition in the field of continuous development. For the operational capabilities of the armed forces, which is the primary goal that the leadership seeks to achieve through the individual and collective efforts it makes throughout the year of combat preparation.

The Army Chief of Staff indicated that the country is still exposed to sabotage and concentrated media campaigns by well-known hostile circles, but the hatred towards it is hidden, due to its honorable positions and unconditional support for just causes and its failure to be drawn into the malicious plans that target the region and its rejection of all forms of guardianship and infringement of its sovereign decision.

The first team stated that these campaigns aim to sow doubt in the souls of citizens, and to exploit those with weak souls, as shovels for demolishing the pillars of the national state, and trying to destabilize it from within, by spreading speeches of sedition, division, and hatred among the people of one nation using destructive propaganda methods, misleading, distorting, and distorting Falsifying facts, spreading rumours, fake news and psychological deception.

Al-Saeed Chengriha stressed that the aim of all of this is to obstruct the path of Algeria’s new renaissance, strengthen its role in the international arena, carry out its civilizational role in the region, and target its honest, sound and courageous national orientation, which it has been expressing in the past few years, similar to its desperate defense of the principle of non-interference in… The internal affairs of states, the right of colonized peoples to self-determination, and the rejection of the use or threat of force to resolve international crises and conflicts, especially in the Sahel region of Africa.

The Chief of Staff of the Army stressed that the fate of an independent, stable, prosperous and sovereign Algeria is today in the hands of its loyal sons, who are recruited, motivated and committed more than ever to preserving the approach of the ancients and clinging to the established principles and values ​​that have always distinguished the country since its independence in the forum of nations. No matter what efforts and sacrifices it costs them.

The first team called on the army personnel to be vigilant, cautious and vigilant in order to thwart and confront all despicable conspiracies in order for the new Algeria to remain rebellious against its enemies and far from their malicious plots and maneuvers, and to strictly confront everything that would harm the harmony of Algerian society and the sanctity of the land of Algeria. .

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