The European Organization of Islamic Centers organizes an expanded virtual symposium in support of “Gaza” – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The European Organization of Islamic Centers, headed by Sheikh Muhajiri Zayan, organized an expanded virtual symposium under the title: “Gaza… Where is the human conscience?”, with the participation of an elite group of specialists in political affairs and international relations and a number of symbols in various fields.

The symposium was attended by Sheikh Muhajiri Zayan, President of the European Association of Islamic Centers, Geneva, Switzerland, and Judge Abdullah Harb, acting on behalf of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Palestinian Sharia Judge and Advisor to the President for Religious Affairs and Islamic Relations, in addition to the journalist Abdel Hafeez Daraji and Professor Mustafa Othman Ismail, a professor in the symposium. Hamad bin Khalifa University Qatar. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Dr. Raouf Salti, and Bishop Atallah Hanna, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia (the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (he sent his recorded speech)… and many others.

In his intervention, Sheikh Muhajiri Zayan, President of the European Association of Islamic Centers, praised

With the professors’ response and acceptance of their participation in this international symposium, he also hoped that it would be “a voice for truth and a message to the international community to stop the war and protect children, women, journalists and doctors from killing and destruction, and a reason for rapid international intervention to reach food aid, medicine and fuel to the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which is suffering from Destruction and brutal bombing two weeks ago.”

Sheikh Muhajiri Zayan added: “We gather to talk, but rather to live a human tragedy in our hearts and minds through your participation in your diverse opinions and ideas. Indeed, we are in exceptional circumstances, the destruction of Gaza with its medical and media teams, the insistence on killing innocents, and the displacement of many families. Today the entire world is in distress.” Great because of what is happening in Palestine, this indicates the importance and centrality of the Palestine issue.”

The head of the European Association of Islamic Centers pointed out that this makes us wonder: “Where are those human values ​​and universal slogans (human rights) when it comes to Palestine? We are here to support human rights and justice. Let us work together to move towards change and justice for the entire world and for the Palestinian people first.”

He also stressed in his speech: “The war of genocide and mass destruction that has claimed the lives of thousands requires that the international community move with lightning speed to impose a cessation of fighting, protect civilians, treat the injured, and bring in the aid that is piling up at the Rafah crossing…”

In this context, he saluted the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, who went to the border and held a press conference on the border near the Rafah land crossing, which separates Egypt from Gaza and is the only entry point for aid and the lung from which the people of Gaza breathe. He also saluted all the countries that took the initiative to send Aid for the Palestinians and called on the international community to make every effort and work to expedite the entry of aid, fuel and medical supplies to operate hospitals and treat thousands of injured people.

In conclusion, the European Commission for Islamic Centers issued a statement in which it confirmed that the Commission is following with great interest the development of events in Palestine in general and Gaza and the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, in light of the increase and intensification of the Israeli occupation’s attacks and their daily recurrence against women, children and general civilians, to include media professionals and their institutions…”

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