The draft digitization law will be ready in 2024


The High Conservative Minister of Digitization, Maryam Ben Mouloud, confirms that her body is preparing a draft law on digitization that will be ready during the first trimester of 2024.

The High Minister of Digitization, Meriem Ben Mouloud, confirmed, on Wednesday, in Algiers, that her body is in the process of preparing a draft law on digitization, highlighting that the text will be ready during the first trimester of next year.

Ben Mouloud explained, on the sidelines of her supervision of the opening of the activities of the national workshops on preparing the national strategy for digital transformation, organized over three days (8, 9 and 14 November this year) at the International Conference Center, that “the beginning of the preparation of the draft text was last June at the level of the Ministry of Digitization and statistics were continued, like many other strategic projects, after the President of the Republic established the Supreme Council for Digitization as a supreme body charged with framing, organizing and leading strategic projects in the field of digital transformation.”

The High Conservative Minister for Digitization added that the rate of preparation of this draft law currently ranges between 40 to 50 percent, highlighting that her body “has set deadlines not to exceed the first semester of 2024 for its completion.”

Ben Mouloud stressed that the draft law being prepared is considered one of “the basics of embodying digital transformation as the regulatory framework for the field of digitization,” noting that the legal frameworks for digitization are currently “dispersed” in Algeria and will, thanks to this law, “be framed and all obstacles identified, in addition to including “All other aspects that do not have legal coverage.”

During her opening speech at the meeting, organized under the slogan “Together for a participatory approach to effective digital transformation,” the High Governor for Digitization affirmed that these national workshops “fall into the core of the basic tasks of the High Governorate for Digitization within the framework of designing and preparing for the preparation of the national strategy for digital transformation with a participatory and consultative approach from By involving all actors in laying the foundations and foundations of digital transformation in Algeria.”

She highlighted that holding these workshops “is considered an important opportunity to expand the scope of consultation and exchange expertise and experiences with all actors in the field of digitization.” These consultations also aim, according to her, to “address and talk about the most important obstacles and challenges facing the process of embodying the digital transformation in our country and enhancing common awareness of In order to propose effective practical solutions to make this path a success by adopting effective practical outcomes.”

She indicated that the activities of these days will revolve around five axes, which will be discussed by organizing fourteen specialized workshops that include more than 360 specialists, including experts, academics, activists and actors in the field of digitization.

Among the topics that will be addressed, Ben Mouloud mentioned the digitization of the public sector, the digitization of public services, the resurrection of the digital economy, the digital society, as well as the issue of education, training and employment in the field of digitization.

The High Conservative Minister for Digitization also considered that “the ultimate goal of digitization lies in establishing a new model for the management of public and economic departments, bodies, and institutions by moving from classical paper-based management to digital governance, which is based primarily on the widespread use of modern digital technologies in order to enhance the principles of transparency and consolidate the relationship between… Administration and citizens, and facilitating administrative transactions and procedures by ensuring the provision of quality, safe and fast public services at the lowest cost.”

In this regard, she called for the necessity of “valuing the efforts made by agencies and sectors to facilitate public services, especially services directed to citizens in order to facilitate some aspects of their daily life.”

However, according to her, these efforts “remain dispersed and unframed in light of the absence of infrastructure to embody interconnection between sector information systems and information centers and ensure their security, as well as the absence of a clearly defined national strategy with a plan to be implemented in the short and medium term, as well as the absence of the digitization law, which is the regulatory framework that frames This area is regulated and controlled.”

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