The displacement of about half a million women and girls in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Zionist aggression – Algerian Dialogue


A United Nations report confirmed that approximately 493,000 women and girls have been displaced from their homes in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Zionist aggression against the Strip on October 7.

The United Nations Women in the Palestinian Territory said in a report published yesterday, Friday, in which it highlighted the impact of the war on people in Gaza, including women and girls, that the number of widows in the Gaza Strip has increased, with about 900 women becoming the breadwinners.

The report warned that these numbers will continue to rise if a ceasefire is not reached soon.

Sarah Hendricks, Deputy Director of UN Women, said that the body called for an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian purposes and the delivery of relief, without obstacles, including food, water, fuel and health supplies, which she said were necessary for the survival of women and girls in the Gaza Strip, stressing The need to ensure immediate access of women and girls to services.

Hendricks pointed out the importance of supporting women-led organizations that stand on the front lines of humanitarian response and promoting the meaningful participation of women in humanitarian operations.

Incidentally, UN Women noted that women and girls are searching for space in overcrowded shelters that lack basic supplies such as food, water and privacy, which increases protection risks.

The World Health Organization announced on Tuesday that the number of victims in the Gaza Strip reached 3,500 martyrs, half of whom were children and women.

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