The civil protection team was honored with an honorary medal for the city of Derna – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The Libyan authorities honored the Algerian civil protection team. In return for the efforts made in the Derna flood intervention operations. The authorities also decorated the team with medals and awarded them a medal of honor for the city of Derna.

Today, Thursday, the Director General of Civil Protection at Boufarik Military Airport supervised the launch of the second delegation to replace the group present in the stricken city of Derna, which was struck by Hurricane “Daniel.” Which claimed the lives of thousands, while many residents of the region remain missing.

The Ministry of the Interior also announced yesterday in its statement, “It is a continuation of the humanitarian mission in solidarity with the brotherly Libyan people, which is carried out ably by civil protection teams.” Sent to the State of Libya, on instructions from the President of the Republic. He intended to participate in rescue and relief operations following the devastating hurricane that struck areas of the country. During the coming hours, a process will be undertaken to replace the civil protection teams dispatched with other teams in the same specializations. And with the same capabilities and means harnessed.”

The succession process also comes in accordance with applicable international standards. It will allow civil protection teams to continue their noble humanitarian missions. With the same level of preparedness, and in light of international praise and recognition from the Libyan brothers for its tireless efforts. In addition to the professionalism of its performance, and the high values ​​of solidarity demonstrated by the dispatched crew.

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