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The security services of the state of Algiers, represented by the Judicial Police District 01 of Central Algiers, arrested five 05 suspects, pending judicial precedent, one of whom was subject to an arrest warrant, who were in the process of preparing an operation to smuggle illegal immigrants, with the arrest of the main masterminds of this attempt.

The current case, which was under the supervision of the regional competent prosecution, enabled members of the same squad to arrest the main suspect, who turned out to have bought a pleasure boat for a sum of money exceeding 100 million centimes, without possessing a marine boat driving license and not registering it at the level of the Coast Guard marine station, where. He hid it on a rocky beach.

Through the course of the investigation and using technical means, the remaining members of the network were identified and they are in the process of preparing for illegal immigration. A pleasure boat with a length of 6.10 m, an engine with a power of 85 horsepower, and an amount of money in foreign currency estimated at 80 euros, and an amount of money in the national currency estimated at 60,000 DZD, were seized.

The suspect was brought before the competent regional prosecutor according to a file of criminal procedures regarding the case of an attempt to smuggle migrants within an organized criminal network, including a person sought by justice pursuant to an arrest warrant, assisting in an attempt to leave the national territory other than by sea, and endangering the lives and safety of people. Help and not reporting the crime.

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