The capital.. The National Gendarmerie confiscated 21,271 hallucinogenic tablets of various types – Algerian Dialogue

Within the framework of combating organized crime of all kinds and preserving public health, units of the regional group in Algeria, in four separate operations supported by members of the Special Detachment of the National Gendarmerie in Maalama, were able to put an end to the activity of criminal gangs transporting, storing and trading in hallucinogenic tablets.

In these operations, 17,998 pregabalin hallucinogenic tablets were seized in each of Ain al-Benyan, Rouiba and Settaouli, and 3,273 ecstasy tablets in Ain al-Benyan, with a financial sum of more than 153 million centimes, 36 grams of processed kif, 02 grams of cocaine, in addition to two motorcycles and three tourist vehicles.
These operations resulted in the arrest of 11 suspects.
The detainees were brought before the competent judicial authorities, each according to his jurisdiction.
For the following charges: felony of forming an association of evil people for the purpose of preparing for a felony, felony of illegally transporting, storing, and trading in hallucinogenic tablets.

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