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Last weekend, the capital police were able to overthrow a criminal network consisting of 40 people in the case of smuggling 1,506,000 and 290 units of fireworks and crackers of various types and sizes, which were seized at two warehouses in Harawa (Rouiba District) and Sons of Fayet) Sharaga District. Its market value is approximately 40 billion cents, and it was intended for trading on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday.

The operation, which was initiated by the Central District of the Judicial Police of the State of Algiers, under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor at the Sidi M’hamed Court, enabled the seizure and recovery of 2,73,290 units of tomahawks known as (bugs), and 1,233,000 units of stamps of various types and sizes.

The suspects were brought before the Public Prosecutor at the Sidi M’hamed Court on Thursday, September 21, 2023, in the case of forming an organized criminal group for the purpose of preparing crimes of international smuggling of explosives and dangerous prohibited goods that threaten the national economy and public health, the use of warehouses and means of transportation, Trading, transporting and selling prohibited goods, establishing a secret workshop to manufacture MMF patches without a license from a legally qualified authority, with oud.

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