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Today, Saturday, the Governor of Algeria, Mohamed Abdel Nour Rabhi, inspected the progress of the rehabilitation works of several facilities, as part of a strategic view to develop and modernize the capital within the green plan that was drawn up in the state.

In a statement to the press, Rabhi, who was accompanied by the head of the State Popular Council, Najiba Djilali, explained that this outing, which included the “Bani Masous” (Ain Al-Benyan) waste water filtration station, the Ben Aknoun Zoo and Amusement Park, and the “Donia Park” barn, came “To determine the progress of several projects within the framework of the green plan that was established at the level of the state of Algeria.”

He added that the Beni Messous wastewater filtration station is “a model project according to the directives of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, aiming to reuse treated water in watering green spaces.”

This station entered service “a few months ago,” according to the official, who pointed out that “there is a similar project in progress at the level of Baraki municipality, where recycled water will be used in watering the main axes to gradually spread to the rest of the urban areas in the medium term.”

At the amusement and entertainment park in Ben Aknoun, the governor of Algiers inspected the ongoing work to rehabilitate this facility into a “safari” park, especially regarding “allocating large areas for animals to roam freely, preparing paths for visitors through glass tunnels that enable them to see the animals up close, and preparing water basins.” And the inclusion of new games related to rope jumping and climbing, a railway line, artificial lakes, fencing operations in the park and expanding the parking lot with a capacity of up to 5,000 cars.”

During his presence at the “Donia Park” hangar, the official highlighted that “the works are focused on the level of the northern side of the park,” where “an artificial lake has been completed while awaiting the completion of another lake, sports tracks and bicycle paths, an overhead corridor linking the northern side to the southern side of the park, and the preparation process.” Green spaces and landscaping.

On this occasion, the governor stressed the need to “increase the proportion of manpower by the institutions responsible for the work and accelerate the pace of work throughout the week,” while “equipping the Donia Park barn and Bin Aknoun Garden with all requirements and completing the operations of planting trees and cosmetic plants,” in addition to “ Utilizing recycled water to irrigate these spaces.”

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