The capital.. Arrest of a criminal network active in promoting “cocaine” in Bir Mourad Rais – Algerian Dialogue


The security services of the state of Algiers, represented by the judicial police squad in the security of the administrative district of Bir Mourad Rais, were able to arrest (03) suspects in the case of possession of the hard drug cocaine.

Following the exploitation of information received by the same authority about suspicious activity in the field of illicit trafficking in hard drugs for two people near a hotel in the city of Bermardrais, the police force, along with its members, monitored these two latter, as a vehicle was spotted parked on the spot, and after it was stopped and subjected to an operation. During the legal inspection, during the search of the vehicle, they were found in possession of sums of money and plastic bags inside the vehicle containing hard drugs, cocaine, along with a small, accurate scale used to weigh hard drugs, as well as a group of empty plastic bags used in packaging hard drugs, and a black bag containing sums of money from the proceeds of promotion.

In continuation of the investigation, the same officers were able to arrest another vehicle with another suspect on board. After a careful inspection of the vehicle, a rectangular plate of solid drugs “cocaine” was found inside it, and a small bag containing the same substance.

During this operation, (557.15) grams of hard drugs of the type of cocaine were seized and seized, (06) grams of hard drugs of Ecstasy, two blades and scissors used in cutting drugs, a plastic tape used in packaging hard drugs, (01) a bladed weapon, and an electronic scale used. In the weight of solid drugs, (295,000) Algerian dinars from promotional revenues, a tourist vehicle.

The suspects were brought before the regional competent prosecution according to criminal procedure files related to the case of possession of hard drugs for the purpose of personal consumption and display to others.

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