The capital.. A great turnout at the “Alfiar” sacrificial animal sale point in Baba Ali – Al-Hiwar district, Algeria


The point of sale of the Algerian Red Meat Company (ALVIAR) in Baba Ali in Algiers is witnessing a significant turnout from citizens wishing to purchase sacrificial animals, who expressed their approval for the prices offered by the company, which keep pace with the capabilities of the various social strata.
A large influx of families came from different regions with their children in order to choose the Eid sacrifice at a price in line with their financial capabilities, at a time when the random sale of sacrifices spread at sometimes exorbitant prices, due to the large number of middlemen and “occasional sellers.”
Starting in mid-June, the Algerian Red Meat Company started selling Eid sacrifices at its points throughout the national territory, at prices ranging between 45 and 91 thousand dinars.

“Alfiar” markets the first segment of Eid sacrifices, marked in yellow, at 45,000 DZD, followed by the category of 55,000 DZD, which bears a green dot, and the third category of herd, marked in blue, set its price at 68,000 DZD, which is the category Which is characterized by a great demand by citizens who are coming to buy, .
The fourth category, which bears a mark in black, is sold at a price of 73,000 DZD, while the fifth category of sheep, which is printed with a mark in red, is sold at a price of 85,000 DZD, while the last category bears two dots in red and is sold at a price of 91,000 DZD.
“I used to come to buy the sacrifice from this place because of the quality of the sheep, especially because of the price that meets the aspirations of the customer,” says Mrs. Amina, a mother of two.
And Hajj Ahmed Al-Muqed, accompanied by his grandchildren, expressed his satisfaction with “the quality and method of conducting the sale of sacrificial animals, especially with the presence of agents to ensure the safety of citizens and livestock.” And his young grandchildren expressed their joy for choosing the sacrifices themselves.
As for Muhammad, who was transferred from the municipality of Bouira to Baba Ali, his facial expressions reflected his great happiness at the prices of the sacrifices offered at this point, especially since it enabled him to purchase them with the budget he allocated for them.
For her part, Mrs. Leila, who comes from the province of Boumerdes, and who had previously bought the Eid sacrifice from the same place last year, appreciated the prices of the sheep offered by “Alfiar” this year, considering that they are “acceptable and in line with their purchasing capabilities.”
Citizens unanimously said that prices, compared to other regions, are “low by about 15,000 to 20,000 DA.”
The point of sale of the Public Establishment for Red Meat is witnessing the availability of stables containing a significant number of livestock, distributed according to size, variety, color and price.
It also witnesses the presence of a significant number of assistants who accompany customers to choose the sacrifices, and give them the guide that contains instructions related to the lamb.

Signing 65 installment sale agreements with public and private institutions

Muawiya bin Baba Ali, the general manager of Latraquas B.A., the Eid sacrifice unit of the Algerian Red Meat Company, said that Alfiar signed 65 agreements with public and private institutions to purchase the sacrifices in installments.
He explained that the installment process is by paying between 20 or 25 percent of the main price of the lamb, while the rest is paid through installments without calculating interest.
These agreements allow the institutions to purchase the sacrifice in installments and in a way that matches the purchasing power of the institutions’ workers, according to the official’s explanations.
On the other hand, Mr. Bin Baba Ali confirmed that the company is working on studying prices in order to satisfy citizens and enable them to buy Eid sheep according to their financial capabilities, pointing out that more than 5,000 sheep have been received at the level of the company’s point of sale in Baba Ali, adding that the supply process Continuous at the level of livestock fattening headquarters.
He mentioned that the customer can leave the sacrifice in the company’s stables until the eve of Eid, in return for paying a symbolic amount of 1,000 DZD, adding that the company provides slaughtering service for those wishing to do so, while providing veterinary monitoring before and after slaughtering.
He pointed out that, in the event that the viscera of the sacrifice is not intact, the veterinarian orders that it be prevented from being handed over and destroyed in a safe manner.
Mr. Bin Baba Ali confirmed that the marketed cattle are “free from all diseases,” which is evidenced by the health certificate issued by the state’s veterinary services, which accompanies the movement of the herd.
He explained that this certificate is an official document for the crossing of livestock, and without it, it is not permitted to transfer livestock from one state to another.
In the same context, Mrs. Daghnoush Tanhinan, a veterinarian at the level of the Algerian Red Meat Company, explained that all the livestock present in the institution’s points of sale, similar to Baba Ali’s headquarters, are “completely free from diseases,” explaining that “the veterinary teams conduct daily checks on the cattle.” From eight in the morning until eight in the evening.”
She added that in the event that some infected cases are discovered, they are isolated immediately and benefit from veterinary follow-up to treat them until their safety is confirmed, while they are removed from the herd in the event that their disease is proven to avoid infection of livestock.

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