The beneficiaries of the solidarity plight appreciate the increases approved by the President of the Republic – Algerian Dialogue


The price of the beneficiaries of the solidarity grant was the recent increases approved by the President of the Republic, which came into effect beginning in October. The grant, which was last valued in 2008, rose to 7,000 DA for the various groups benefiting from this device, and to 12,000 DA per year for the group with disabilities. Special needs are 100% disability.
More than 1,200,000 beneficiaries benefit from this grant, from various needy segments without income and unable to work, such as elderly persons, persons with disabilities, divorced women or widows who are heads of families, as well as persons suffering from chronic or incurable diseases that cause disability.
Those concerned have received the value of the grant at its new value from postal centers, with retroactive effect from last May. This device aims to achieve social inclusion by allocating direct aid in the form of a monthly grant, in addition to ensuring coverage and social protection for the beneficiaries as well as those with rights, enabling them to benefit from The recovery card and related benefits, especially medical care, devices, equipment and technical assistance in this field for persons with disabilities.
The decision to value the solidarity grant is added to the number of decisions taken by the President of the Republic in the last stage in order to support vulnerable groups, similar to the decision he took previously regarding intensifying the government’s efforts to support women staying at home to engage in national production, by establishing mini-institutions that enable them From emerging from the crucible of dependency to the circle of financial independence.

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