The army destroys a huge amount of drugs and psychotropic substances


The Ministry of National Defense is carrying out a national operation to destroy and burn drugs that have been seized at the national level

The interests of the People’s National Army carried out a national operation to destroy and burn drugs that were seized at the national level, where 4 tons and 8 quintals of processed kif, more than 8 million hallucinogenic tablets, and 56 kilograms of hard drugs were burned.

The Ministry of National Defense explained, through a statement, that in accordance with the laws related to burning and destroying drugs of various types and similar to several other operations, a national operation was organized on Monday, in Oued Silli, Chlef Province, in the First Military Region, and in the presence of the local and regional civil and security authorities, to destroy and burn these toxins. After all the drugs seized at the national level were collected.

The same authorities added that this operation, which took place under the supervision of the specialized committee charged with the destruction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and which is headed by the representative of the competent judicial authority regionally, destroyed and burned an estimated 4 tons and 840,371 kilograms of processed kief, 8 million and 152 thousand hallucinogenic tablets, in addition to To 56 kilograms and 903 grams of hard drugs, cocaine and heroin, quantities that were seized across the entire national territory by units of the People’s National Army, the National Gendarmerie, the National Security, as well as the Algerian customs services.

The Ministry highlighted that the process of destroying these drugs was carried out by respecting safety conditions, taking into account environmental protection, and adhering to the frameworks and mechanisms for implementing this process. All confiscated items were weighed, inventoried, and sealed by the judicial police, represented by the National Gendarmerie and the police, as well as the judicial authorities, so that the process of transporting them and accompanying them to the regional leaderships and from there to The state of Chlef is the place where the destruction process was carried out, where the seals were opened and the seized inventory was taken in the presence of various security services under the supervision of the judicial authorities, and these drugs were destroyed in accordance with legal techniques and standards.

This operation came after the implementation of other similar operations at the regional level, which were carried out under the supervision of the competent committee, to confirm once again the national efforts made in the field of combating drugs through the continuous and effective field presence of the various security formations that work relentlessly to thwart all attempts to flood the country with various poisons, especially Across the western border.

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