The Algerian University is witnessing the largest recruitment process since its founding


Employing 8,000 assistant professors (Section B) who hold master’s and doctoral degrees in all specializations in various university institutions.

Abdul-Jabbar Daoudi, advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, confirmed on Thursday the hiring of 8,000 assistant professors (Section B) who hold master’s and doctoral degrees in all specializations in various university institutions, ready for the new season 2023-2024, in the largest recruitment process of its kind since the founding of the university. The algerian.

Daoudi, when he appeared as a guest on the “Morning Guest” program on the First Radio Channel, reiterated that the scope of employment in universities will be strengthened this October with the employment of 1,409 university hospital assistant professors, and 693 research professors (Section B) at the level of research centers, which will increase the number of employment. To ten thousand financial positions, which is a historical precedent that will support teaching staff at the level of university institutions.

Daoudi noted the historic employment decision taken by the President of the Republic on Sunday, the fourteenth of May, to review the basic law for university professors. He also ordered a review of the wages of higher education professors and university researchers. The President of the Republic at that time approved the proposals of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to employ master’s and doctorate holders.

Daoudi said that the 2023/2024 university season raises a great slogan, which is improving higher education and scientific research, adding that hiring thousands of new professors will allow the requirements of the global index (one professor for every ten students) to be met. The first guest continued: “The level of supervision in Algerian universities has become comparable to the level of their global counterparts, and perhaps this explains the presence of 23 Algerian universities in the “Times” classification.”

Daoudi pointed out that, similar to what is happening in various international universities, demand is still increasing in Algeria across all fields of science and technology. The advisor to the Minister of Higher Education highlighted that Algerian professors top the list of research rankings globally, as evidenced by Algeria topping the modern technologies competition in China, thanks to the leadership of 12 Algerian students, and what the mathematics competition witnessed in Bulgaria, with an Algerian student winning a bronze medal, and the remarkable participation of students from the Higher School of Science and Technology. Oran in America.

On the other hand, Daoudi mentioned that raising the scholarship for university students from 1,300 Algerian dinars to 2,000 dinars, which means it has exceeded 53.34%, which is a very important percentage for the scholarship that has not witnessed any increase in 14 years. Daoudi confirmed that the disbursement of the grant (6 thousand dinars for the trio) will take place in one unified day in all the states of the country. The two electronic platforms, “My Grant” and “Hafilati,” will also be announced on the 15th of this month, and those concerned can download the applications normally.

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