The Algerian-Mauritanian Business Council expresses its satisfaction with the ratification of the executive protocol of the Tindouf-Zouérat road project


The Algerian-Mauritanian Business Council expressed its “satisfaction” with the ratification of the executive protocol that includes the implementation of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between Algeria and Mauritania regarding the realization of the land road project linking the cities of Tindouf (Algeria) and Zouerate (Mauritania), according to what was stated, today, Tuesday, by the President of the Council.

El-Ghazi Youssef explained: “We have received with satisfaction the approval through Presidential Decree No. 23-68 of February 7, 2023 published in the eighth issue of the Official Gazette of the executive protocol that includes the implementation of the provisions of the memorandum of understanding signed between Algeria and Mauritania to embody this important base facility that clearly reflects the conviction of the two countries To contribute to the economic and social development as well as to the security of the African continent.

The same official added that “thanks to the state’s efforts to revive and strengthen economic and social exchanges between the countries of the African Union, this axis will constitute a new route for the international transit of goods and people between the Maghreb region, West Africa and Europe.”

El-Ghazi pointed out that “this important road project confirms the extent of Algeria’s attachment to the development of our continent and the promotion of economic and trade exchanges between African countries.”

This base facility, which will be completed over a distance of 773 km, will allow the promotion of the export of national products and materials. It will also contribute to the development and appreciation of economic exchanges between the two countries, as well as between Algeria, Tunisia and Libya on the one hand, and between the countries of the African Sahel on the other hand, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria, as stated by the President of the Algerian-Mauritanian Business Council.

Commercial exchanges between Algeria and Mauritania through the land border crossing “Martyr Mustapha Ben Boulaid” in Tindouf recorded a volume of 50 million DZD during the year 2019, El Ghazi said, stressing that this volume “highlights the importance of exchanges between our two countries, which will be further strengthened with the completion of this dimension project.” African and Maghreb.

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