The Algerian flag and national sovereignty are the focus of a historic forum in the Algerian capital – Al-Hiwar


The topic “Algerian flag and national sovereignty” was the focus of a historic forum, today, Thursday in Algiers, organized by the National Center for Documentation, Press, Image and Information, with the participation of historians and university professors, as part of the commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the restoration of national sovereignty.

The Director General of the Center, Al-Hashemi Murar, explained that this demonstration is a contribution “to the revival of the dual celebrations of the Independence and Youth Days.”

For his part, the Mujahid and historian, Dr. Mohamed Larbi Zubiri, called on Algerian historians to “give more importance to the various periods that Algeria went through,” adding that “Algeria, before French colonization, was a national sovereign state, with its own flag” and it “enjoyed With the respect of the rest of the world for its military and economic power.

In the same vein, Dr. Mostafa Nouicer explained that the French occupation forces’ artillery first targeted the minaret of the mosque and the national flag that was atop the dome of the tomb of the righteous saint, Sidi Faraj, in an attempt to strike at the foundations of Algerian sovereignty and national identity.

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