The aggression against Gaza enters its 123rd day, and the occupation has not freed a single prisoner


Since October 7, the Zionist occupation has declared a cruel war on Gaza, under the pretext of liberating the prisoners “arrested by Hamas.” Despite the brutal daily attacks on the Strip, the occupation is still unable to liberate its prisoners.

For the 123rd day in a row, the land, air and sea war on the Gaza Strip continues. The war left thousands dead, prisoners and displaced people, and destroyed hundreds of streets, schools, mosques, homes and institutions in a way that destroyed life… The occupation army confirmed, through its official spokesman, that it had killed thousands of resistance fighters and seized thousands of weapons.

On the other hand, the occupation has been unable, to this day, to fulfill its promises to the families of the prisoners, and to liberate even one of the prisoners in Gaza, which it promised to find, in light of daily demonstrations by the families of the detainees, who expressed their “concern” and demanded that the government provide explanations for this inability, which He is entering his fourth month. She confirmed in a statement that she is still awaiting explanations from the government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kill them instead of freeing them

In a global scandal that shook the alleged most powerful armies in the world, the occupation army admitted that 3 prisoners held by Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip were killed by mistake by Zionist bombing, and the Prime Minister described what happened as a tragedy.

The occupation army said in a statement that a preliminary investigation showed that the three Israeli detainees who were announced killed in Gaza waved white flags and said in Hebrew, “Save us.”.

According to experts, the occupation’s killing of its prisoners is another failure added to the failure of October 7.

Despite the Hamas movement broadcasting daily tapes of detainees demanding their government to expedite their release, the occupation remains unable to determine their whereabouts or find details of their detention.

“The fear is of Israel, not of Hamas.”

Since October 7, the fear of the “prisoners” has shifted from Hamas to the occupation army, as a released Israeli prisoner stated that he did not feel afraid of being killed by members of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, but rather he was afraid of being killed in attacks by the occupation army.

A chaotic army and a fragile government

The Palestinian resistance and occupation not only suffered losses in lives and equipment, but also destroyed the entity’s government and people, psychologically and morally. Anyone who is familiar with the statements of Israeli officials realizes their distance from reality, and reveals the extent of the rifts in Netanyahu’s government, not to mention the poor planning and failed management of the war. The gap is also wide between the statements of the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff of his people in a way that suggests that they are conducting matters of war in a very haphazard manner.

Netanyahu is demanding a prisoner exchange deal that would end the pressure exerted by their families, while the Army Chief of Staff considers that accepting any deal is a victory for Hamas.

The occupation army and easy solutions

Channel 12 revealed details of a possible exchange deal between the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and the occupation, and Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed that the anticipated deal would not be at any price.

The channel considered that “the essence of the disagreement on the Israeli side is not necessarily the number of security prisoners (Palestinian prisoners) that Israel will be forced to release from prisons, but rather their quality.” She pointed out that a deal that includes the release of a large number of Palestinian prisoners who were convicted of involvement in attacks “will be difficult for the public and politicians to digest.”

According to the channel, the ball is now in Hamas’ court, to which the mediators conveyed the main lines of the deal, and is awaiting its response.

For its part, Hamas continues to impose its conditions, and insists that the upcoming prisoner and detainee exchange deal include the release of 3 prominent Palestinian leaders from inside occupation prisons.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper explained that these three; They are: Member of the Central Committee of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah Marwan Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Ahmed Saadat, and leader of the Hamas movement Abdullah Barghouti…

The occupation government fears the release of these prisoners, and considers the previous release of Yahya Al-Sinwar a mistake that will not be repeated… He is the first accused in the Al-Aqsa Flood operation after his release by the occupation.

Netanyahu’s government surrenders and accepts the deals

At the beginning of the war, the proposal for deals was not on the table for the occupation government, and it preferred to wage a ground war on the Gaza Strip and liberate its prisoners on its own. Despite international support and global armament, the helplessness that appeared among its soldiers, their incurring additional losses, and their failure to find even On one prisoner, (even though his battles are fought in a small city), he made Netanyahu’s government surrender to Hamas’ conditions and accept a truce and a peaceful prisoner exchange, which is a temporary solution. It is tantamount to surrender, defeat, and a clear expression of the failure of the ground war he is waging against Gaza.

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