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These days, there is widespread anger and tension within the parliamentary group of the National Construction Movement, against the backdrop of the accession Abdul Qadir bin Qurayna Head of the National Construction Movement to those demanding the organization of legislative and local elections ahead of their scheduled date.

A leader within the movement, who refused to reveal his identity, said in a statement to “elhiwar us” that “a large number of the movement’s representatives rose up against Ben Qurinah’s statements, especially those who had exercised two parliamentary terms by running against MP Kamal Ben Khalouf and MP Allal Bouthelija.”

According to the information we obtained, “the majority of representatives of the parliamentary group of the Construction Movement expressed their dissatisfaction with the failure of its president to return to the leadership of the party from the composition of the National Bureau and the Shura Council in order to discuss proposals such as these.” Returning to the proposal that caused a widespread uproar inside the Zighoud Youssef building, our sources said that Ben Qurayna He gave a set of justifications to defend his proposal, the most important of which is the decision to create new states. New representatives cannot be elected for a parliamentary term that does not exceed a year and a half. The same situation applies to state and municipal councils. A state cannot have a state and municipal council that is only one year old and another that is 5 years old, among other reasons. Which prompted the head of the movement to demand the organization of parliamentary elections in advance of the problems and blockages in the management of most municipalities.

Our sources went on to say that: “Organizing prior legislative and local elections requires preparing the appropriate ground, such as amending the election law, especially the articles related to the right of parties to cover election offices with observers and what is known as the condition of parity in the lists of candidates, in addition to releasing the final version of the new municipal law, which is expected to be presented soon to the public.” The President of the Republic includes granting more powers to the heads of elected municipal councils, such as enabling them to benefit from some revenues and items of collection by one hundred percent for the first time, and the latest version of law Project The municipality contains 288 articles structured in 6 sections, which strengthened the frameworks of participatory democracy at the local level, by involving the citizen in preparing local development policy and creating a participatory body at the level of each municipality.

A group of representatives expressed their rejection of the proposal, and Representative Halim Ben Sharif, a member of the parliamentary group of the National Democratic Rally, wrote in a blog post on the social networking platform Facebook, saying: “The current parliament was praised by the President of the Republic by saying that it is clean, and he hopes that the presidential elections will be accompanied by prior legislative elections.”

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