The 51st anniversary of the outbreak of the armed struggle.. The Sahrawi people are struggling to regain their legitimate rights – Algerian Dialogue


The Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Republic to Algeria, Mohamed Talib Omar, said in his speech during the symposium, which came under the slogan “Decolonization in the context of the force of law,” that “the conflict in Western Sahara is a conflict between right and wrong, and that there is a brute force that usurps the rights of the Sahrawis, which is Supported by colonial powers,” he said, noting that the Sahrawi people “are struggling to regain their rights and are supported by the free people of the world, led by the Algerian state.”

Mr. Omar continued that “the Sahrawi issue is entering another phase of strong experience in the legal field and that Morocco is resorting to false methods, and this is what must be exposed in order to complete decolonization,” considering the Sahrawi issue as one of “the strongest just cases because it resorts to legitimate and legal methods.” “In contrast to the crimes committed by the Moroccan occupier against the Sahrawis.”

In turn, the representative of the Speaker of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Assembly, Mr. Abdoun Mohammed, confirmed that the Sahrawi issue required the positions of the Algerian state and that its positions are clear with regard to this issue, pointing out that the Moroccan occupier has worked since its occupation of Western Sahara to change the legal nature of this dispute. However, he did not succeed in considering the legal basis for this issue clear because it is based on the United Nations Charter, which recognizes the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

In the same context, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Committee “Algeria – Western Sahara”, Mr. Kamal Ben Khalouf, said that “the Moroccan occupation is exploiting opportunities to create a new reality that obstructs the implementation of international conventions and covenants, most notably obstructing the principle of self-determination issued by nations.” The United Nations, which places Western Sahara in this category, and that Morocco has shifted from occupation to stabilizing the occupation, which requires a set of mechanisms that human rights activists must pay attention to, most notably the resettlement and integration of the Sahrawi geography.

For her part, the head of the Algerian Jurists Forum, Ms. Faizi Amina, explained that this meeting aims to “remember the sacrifices of the martyrs, have mercy on them, and confirm the struggle of Sahrawi youth to regain their stolen lands.”

Professor Faizi stressed the necessity of establishing a “human-legal revolution” to advocate internationally for just causes, including the cause of the Sahrawi people, and to exploit the diplomatic victories of the cause, which has taken the path of success through international recognition, including UN resolutions, and other successes it has enjoyed.

The head of the Union of Sahrawi Jurists, Mr. Moulay Labhida, also said that “the armed struggle that began on May 20, 1973 was a bold and courageous step by the Sahrawi people, affirming their will to be liberated and regain their rights,” pointing to the role of Algeria, which has always stood by the just Sahrawi cause. Which reflects the depth of the fraternal and solidarity relations between the Algerian and Sahrawi peoples, which were and still represent strong support for the rights of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.”

At the conclusion of this symposium, which was attended by doctors, professors and experts in law, judiciary and justice, national and Sahrawi human rights figures were honored.

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