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Some specialists believe that holding the 2025 Cannes Finals, on the date announced by the Confederation of African Football, yesterday evening, Friday, poses a risk to the health of the players.

has not been advertisement The Confederation of African Football (CAF), yesterday evening, Friday, announced the date of the 2025 Cannes Finals, which was very surprising. This is because several press leaks had previously spoken about him. However, what is more surprising are the illogical explanations. With which the head of the African Commission, Patrice Motsepe, wanted to justify the delay in announcing the date of these finals.

Yesterday evening, Friday, the CAF announced the official date for the finals of the 35th edition of the African Cup of Nations, scheduled for Morocco.

The final session of “Cannes 2025” will officially take place from December 21, 2025 to January 18, 2026. This is after it was initially scheduled for the summer of 2025. Morocco requested its postponement under the pretext that the event coincided with the 21st edition of the FIFA Club World Cup competition. It was programmed in the United States of America from June 15 to July 13 of the same year, with the participation of 32 clubs from six continents.

What is strange about the justification used by the CAF President is the reason for the delay in announcing the official date for the 2025 Cannes Finals. He said it in Statements Which was reported by the Confederation of African Football website: “Complex discussions have taken place with various parties. In light of the extensive international and local matches agenda. “CAF is committed to protecting and promoting the interests of African players who play in football clubs in Europe and around the world.”

The date of the Cannes 2025 finals will not come at the right time

Contrary to belief Motsepe Exactly, the interests of African players were not “respected” at all when setting the date of the final session of Cannes 2025. Especially their “health”, as many specialists believe that African players playing in a major tournament such as the Africa Cup of Nations finals in the midst of the winter break for most of their European clubs is considered a threat to their health and to the development of their performance and level. Consequently, they lose their primary positions when they return to their different teams, and their market value declines.

The health damage will be greater for the players of the nine African teams that qualify for the FIFA World Cup finals, scheduled for the summer of 2026 in the United States of America, Mexico and Canada. It will be very difficult for the player to compete in two major tournaments in just 6 or 7 months. This will have a negative impact on the performance and results of the African continent’s teams at the same time World Cup.

And here we come to the other contradiction into which South African Motsepe fell. This is when he said in the same statements: “We will continue to make significant progress in developing and ensuring that African football is able to compete globally and among the best in the world.”

It is worth noting that this is the first time in the history of the Africa Cup of Nations finals that the tournament begins in a specific year (December 21, 2025) and ends in the following year (January 18, 2026).

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