Tebessa… Seizing 2387 ancient coins according to Sharia law – Al-Houwar Al-Jazairia


The security services of the Sharia Department in Tebessa Province seized 2,387 ancient coins dating back to the Roman era.

According to Yan of the State Security Liaison and Public Relations Cell, this operation was carried out within the framework of combating crime of all kinds. Especially those related to the looting of antiquities and the infringement of cultural property.

The operation came, based on information received, that a person possessed antique metal pieces, with the aim of selling them without a license or declaring them to the legally qualified authorities.

The necessary legal measures were taken that made it possible to seize 2,387 coins, which, after the completion of the technical expertise report by the Directorate of Culture and Arts of the Wilaya of Tebessa, turned out to be original and date back to the Roman era.

The in-depth investigations that were opened made it possible to arrest two people and transfer them to the security headquarters of the Sharia Department, and to bring them before the local prosecution, which issued a deposit order against them.

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