Taher Dilami to the Al-Hiwar Forum: “The march of the Algerian people was resolved in the topic: “Absolute support for Palestine.” – Al-Hiwar Algerian


Mohamed Al-Taher Dilami, General Coordinator of the Algerian People’s Organization for Solidarity with Palestine, confirmed, during his stay as a guest at the Dialogue Forum, that the march of the Algerian people was decided on the topic: “full support for Palestine.”

He stated in his intervention that the role of civil society is great in raising the level of awareness of the Palestinian issue inside and outside the country, “stressing that we must use legal measures against the Zionist entity… and not be satisfied with just screaming and wailing.”

Regarding the Rafah crossing through which humanitarian aid enters, Dilami stressed that “its key is in the hands of America, and it is the one that decides who enters and who does not enter, and how much and how much aid is provided.”
From this standpoint, Dilami stated that our role as Arabs lies in lifting Western hegemony over the Rafah crossing.

As for aid, he stressed that it must be adapted according to needs and priorities.
The General Coordinator of the Palestine Solidarity Authority concluded: “What is coming is worse, and the Western plan wants to eliminate the Palestinian people.”
He added, “Shame on the Arabs if we remain spectators to what is happening to our brothers in Palestine.”

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