Submitting lists of LPA beneficiaries to the Housing Directorate


The governor of Algiers, Abdel Nour Rabhi, gave strict instructions to the governors-delegate to hand over the lists of beneficiaries of LPA housing to the Housing Directorate.

This came during a meeting of the Executive Council chaired by Governor Rabhi, whose agenda was devoted to studying and following up on several files, including the subsidized housing file.

The meeting took place in the presence of the Secretary-General of the state, the Chief of the Governor’s Office, the Inspector General of the state, delegated governors, executive directors, directors of state public institutions and state executives.

During the meeting, a presentation was made by the director of housing for the state of Algeria, where the governor gave strict instructions to the governors delegated on the necessity of providing the director of housing with all the nominal lists of temporary beneficiaries of the LPA subsidized housing formula before next Monday.

The governor also stressed the need for careful and continuous follow-up of all files and activities that work to embody the interests of his state, as he urged the necessity of taking care of citizens’ concerns and responding to their aspirations on the one hand, and removing all obstacles and overcoming difficulties in completing the completion of development projects and launching new projects, in light of full respect for procedures and measures. stipulated in the applicable legislative and regulatory texts.

On the other hand, out of his desire to ensure a warm and comfortable winter season for our schoolchildren, and after a presentation of the situation by the three education directors, the governor gave strict instructions to correct the deficiencies recorded in this subject in anticipation of cold waves, and to take care of this problem once and for all, which was represented by assigning the appointed governors to personally monitor the follow-up of the file. Maintaining heating in all educational institutions within a week, accelerating the completion of administrative procedures for preparing schools by governors appointed to complete the work during the winter vacation.

With the aim of restoring the reputation of primary schools in order to ensure good education for their students, and to provide a suitable atmosphere in an environment that meets all the conditions required to ensure good and satisfactory educational achievement, the governor ordered the registration of various preparation and rehabilitation operations for worn-out educational institutions.

During the meeting, the program to care for homeless people was discussed, which aims to reintegrate this group into a family and social environment. This program includes several measures and procedures aimed primarily at caring for vulnerable groups and those in a difficult social situation.

In this context, the state’s interests are working to implement a program to accompany this category, whether by relying on the evacuation of these people at the level of shelter centers and institutions, or by providing social accompaniment through subsidies and assistance for the purpose of providing the necessary care, as Governor Rabhi stressed the need to strengthen care operations. With people without shelter.

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