Strong political will to advance the communication and media sector in Algeria


The decision to create a media city is receiving great praise

The National Union of Algerian Journalists and Media Professionals appreciated the decision of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to establish a media city, and the need for it to be in line with the development taking place in the field of audiovisual in the world, which reflects the presence of a strong political will to advance the communication and media sector in Algeria.

The Federation explained in a statement that this ambitious project is a qualitative addition to the efforts to build a new Algeria that is betting on establishing a strong, professional and responsible media, as the new media city will be one of its most prominent pillars by providing a very advanced work environment that stimulates creativity, innovation and professionalism to provide high-quality media materials. In form and content, it meets the aspirations of the public.

The National Union of Journalists called for accelerating the issuance of the print and electronic press law and the audiovisual law to control media practice with a precise legal framework that puts an end to all the imbalances and abuses that ravage the media sector while intensifying the participation of professionals, press unions, specialists, university professors and experts in discussing them so that they are real and comprehensive laws. Establishing a strong media system It is capable of performing its duties in the best way and facing the great challenges facing the country.

The Union referred to the brutal media and electronic campaigns launched by Morocco, the Zionist entity, and France, aimed at sowing discord, striking national unity, threatening national security, and harming state institutions, most notably the People’s National Army, descendant of the National Liberation Army, which was and will remain a cluster of haters against Algeria. The national media today must be a valve. The safety of our beloved homeland and a fortified shield against all forms of conspiracy against it, which requires strengthening and supporting it and addressing all its problems so that it can play this role that rises to the level of national duty with all professionalism and professionalism.

The Union called for accelerating the organization of other workshops to prepare a legal framework for advertising and another that regulates the activity of communication companies, and to reactivate the Press Support Fund, which has been frozen since 2014, because of the importance of this institution in improving the economic and social support for journalists, especially the written press, which suffers from a lack of advertising. and financial resources Generally.

The Union hopes that before the end of the current year, the Supreme Council for Professional Ethics and Ethics will be installed and the authority to regulate the written and electronic press, and the role of the audiovisual control authority will be activated, considering that these structures are the basis for controlling, framing and purifying the profession of journalism and media, so that it becomes a fine model in respecting the ethics of the profession and providing responsible media that respects the principles of the nation and does not deviate. about her.

He stressed the need to give greater importance to the training file in all its forms, and to strictly implement the law, which stipulates that institutions allocate a certain percentage of the wage pool to training, and to provide the necessary support from the guardian ministry in this regard.

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