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The Ministry of Health and Population has taken several proactive measures to combat the spread of any epidemiological development or damage caused by harmful insects such as “bugs.”

According to a statement by the Ministry of Health, a memorandum was issued containing a set of preventive measures that must be adopted to avoid the spread of any epidemiological development. Or any other damage caused by harmful insects such as bedbugs. It could pose a threat to public health, at the entry point level. In implementation of the International Health Regulations (RSI 2005) and the functions of health control centers at the borders. In anticipation of the spread of any epidemiological development or any other harm.

The Ministry of Health, in coordination with various competent authorities, also began activating the health vigilance system through health monitoring of aircraft, ships, and land transportation. And disinfect them in the event of a threat noticed by employees of border sanitary control posts. In addition to strengthening epidemiological surveillance, regular maintenance and monitoring of the cleanliness of airports, ports and land sites. Not to mention monitoring the disinfection of luggage and suspicious goods that may contain harmful insects, as well as providing travelers with health information. Maintaining close and continuous cooperation and coordination with all sectors operating at air, sea and land entry points.

The Ministry of Health also stresses the need to strictly implement the content of its Memorandum No. 24 dated October 3, 2023, while ensuring that the General Directorate of Prevention and Health Promotion is informed of the restrictions that may be faced in implementing the directives included in the same memorandum.

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