Strengthening the higher education sector with 40,000 pedagogical seats


The higher education sector will be supported during university entry 2023-2024 with 40,000 pedagogical seats and more than 21,000 accommodation beds.

The higher education and scientific research sector will be supported during university entry 2023-2024, with 40,000 teaching seats and more than 21,000 accommodation beds, in order to improve student accommodation capabilities, according to what was explained by the Director of Finance at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdel Hakim Jobrani.

Jobrani stressed that the higher education sector attaches great importance to achieving tangible improvements in higher education structures that would enhance the ability to accommodate students and meet their educational needs, as it is expected to receive several pedagogical structures in addition to service structures such as accommodation facilities in a way that allows meeting the academic, social and cultural needs of these students. Category.

The number of new pedagogical seats is 40,000 seats distributed among 8 states, which were completed with a total value estimated at 44.75 billion dinars. These seats will benefit from the governorates of Tizi Ouzou with 3,000 seats, Tebessa 8,000 seats, Algiers 16,000 seats, Jijel 3,000 seats, Annaba 1,000 seats, Guelma 2,000 seats, Oran 1,000 seats, and Souk Ahras 6,000 seats.

The spokesman confirmed the completion of the work to complete the facilities and equip most of them, while the remainder is currently being prepared for exploitation soon. Regarding shelter beds, the sector is expected to receive 21,500 beds, distributed over 9 states, with the state of Tebessa expected to benefit from 4,000 beds, Tiaret 3,000 beds, Tizi Ouzou 4,000 beds, Setif 2,000 beds, Ouargla 1,500 beds, Guelma 3,000 beds, and El Tarf 1,000. One bed, Ain Defla 1000 beds, and Tipaza 1000 beds.

The total value of the program amounted to 25.75 billion dinars, and the works were fully completed at the level of all residences except for the Tipaza residence, where the occupancy rate reached 95 percent, awaiting the completion of the preparation of these new structures.

The Director of Finance at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research also referred to the range of services and activities that students can benefit from, such as psychological and social support services, workshops, and cultural, sports, and scientific events, adding that this aims to “build a comprehensive experience for students and allows for enhanced communication and interaction in… between them, in addition to encouraging the exchange of experiences and knowledge.”

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research previously set the university entry date for 2023-2024 as September 23.

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