Starting the formation of 17 thousand new professors


More than 17,000 new teachers in physical and sports education and English language benefit from preparatory training, starting today (Thursday)

More than 17,000 new teachers in physical and sports education, and the English language, will benefit from preparatory training, starting today, Thursday, and until September 18, in preparation for the next school entry.

This training session, which contracted primary school teachers benefit from in the subjects of English language, physical education and sports, is included within the annual sectoral plan for training and improving the level of employees for the current year, which was approved by the Ministry of National Education in coordination between the training directorates and the General Inspectorate for National Education in order to provide the teachers concerned with techniques pedagogical practices, and provide them with knowledge and skills that are in line with their tasks.

In this regard, the Central Inspector of the Ministry of National Education, Assaad Bel Abbes, revealed, in a statement to the Algerian News Agency, that, starting from today and over the course of 10 days, the 12,877 teachers of physical and sports education will be trained in a preparatory training, at the state level, by Specialists (intermediate education inspectors for physical and sports education).

According to what the inspector revealed, the training affects several units represented in the organization of schooling, school legislation, psychology, teaching physical and sports education, planning, department management techniques, pedagogical practice, evaluation and pedagogical treatment.

The formation of the teachers of this subject, which was established for the first time as a new subject, comes in the primary education stage, according to the same official, after the ministry formed a “national nucleus” that includes 60 inspectors from the intermediate education stage on the fourth of September in the state of Blida, where they will be distributed to all directorates. education across the country, bearing in mind that these are supervised by qualified inspectors, in everything related to the subject and the teacher needs to start his work smoothly and proficiently.

This subject was included in the educational system by virtue of a decision by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during his presidency of a cabinet meeting on April 16, where it was decided to employ 12,000 teachers to supervise school sports in primary education from holders of university degrees in the specialty, and to establish a general directorate for sports. school at the ministry level.

To embody this endeavor, the spokesman adds, the Ministry of National Education has prepared materially and humanly and created all the conditions in order to achieve the envisaged goals, from ensuring the facility for the practice of physical and sports education for every school across the country with specialized supervision, with the curriculum of this subject being adapted by specialists. With regard to the subject of the English language, a preparatory training course for the benefit of 4144 new professors is being conducted today, in this subject, by the inspectors of intermediate education for the subject of the English language, and this is for a period of 10 days.

Bel Abbas indicated, in this context, that preparations for this process were carried out from all sides, in addition to preparing the study program and writing, printing and distributing the book, recalling the criteria for distributing new teachers in these two subjects, which are residence in the municipality and the seniority of the certificate, and in the event of equality, the eldest is chosen. The age for teachers of English and the youngest for teachers of physical education and sports.

The Minister of Education, Abd al-Hakim Belaabed, had confirmed that teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree in these two disciplines will ensure supervising students, which will reflect positively on the quality of these two subjects and help discover students’ mathematical skills early, even for students of determination.

He also highlighted that this measure will make it possible to reduce the burden on Arabic language teachers who ensured the teaching of this subject until the state decided to upgrade this specialization, especially since structures and supervision are available, adding that the structures are guaranteed, which will enable overcoming difficulties.

With regard to the new school entry set by the Ministry on Tuesday, September 19, Belabed confirmed that traffic education will be included in the curriculum in order to sensitize students and contribute to the strategy of reducing accidents, revealing at the same time his interest in reconsidering the intermediate education certificate exam, adding that the exam The assessment of the achievements, which was adopted at the end of the fifth year of the primary stage, made it possible to accurately know the level of the students, and in light of this, a curriculum for pedagogical treatment was approved, which will begin to be implemented during the next school season.

More than 11 million students in various stages will be enrolled during the new school entry, distributed among nearly 30 thousand educational institutions, who will be supervised by more than half a million teachers. .

On the occasion, the Minister called on the educational family to mobilize to ensure the success of the school year through commitment, perseverance and effectiveness in supervising students, stressing that the Ministry is working to provide all requirements in a manner that guarantees the school well-being of students and the professionalism of teachers.

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