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Nasibra Sayed Ali

A group of experts in economic affairs confirmed that Algeria is working as much as possible to create investment opportunities among young people to increase the volume of wealth generated from development projects that it has embarked on, such as reclaiming industrial property and granting it to those capable of developing the national economy. The government is also working, according to them, to support development. humanity and promoting a fair and effective social policy, focusing on raising the purchasing power of citizens and raising the level of care for vulnerable groups.

All countries in the world suffer from food shortages

In this context, the economic expert, Dr. Mohamed Bouhda, said in his interview with “Al-Hiwar” that Algeria is living in a special economic stage, like the rest of the Arab countries and Western countries, even the advanced ones, all the economies of the countries of the world, given the current international conditions that were affected by the remnants of the Corona pandemic that affected the lungs. The global economy, as well as its impact on the repercussions of the war currently taking place in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, has witnessed a significant decrease in growth rates and in the internal gross domestic product according to each country, and it has also affected global products.

Algeria has developed a plan to avoid a food crisis

All of these circumstances, explained the economist Dr. Mohamed Bouhda, had a negative impact on food products at the global level and the accompanying rise in the price index. Consequently, purchasing power decreased, poverty rates rose, and countries of the entire world faced economic difficulties related to the productive and economic sector, and accordingly every country sought and acted. According to its economic data and according to its economic needs, this is what Algeria is doing, similar to its counterparts around the world, which came with a government policy statement, where it took several wise decisions to overcome the crises, including the recovery of 1,530 hectares of unexploited industrial property, and it will be distributed to those entitled to it who are able to guarantee security. The guarantor of the homeland is far from the private sector that monopolizes the economy, that is, granting it to investors who are able to create wealth, move the wheel of production, and finance the treasury, by paying taxes, making profits, providing products in the national market, and providing the university with the opportunity to open opportunities for scientific research, which will reflect positively on its social environment.

Algeria is an oil country par excellence

This, and among the contents of the government’s general policy statement is that our country

I was able to make ten discoveries of mature hydrocarbon reservoirs between January and the end of September 2023. All of these discoveries clearly show that Algeria is indeed an oil country, and since independence, hydrocarbons constitute ninety-five percent of the national income, an important addition that guarantees hard currency inputs to the public treasury.

The dynamism of foreign trade will improve the value of the dinar

In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Bouhda stressed that Algeria continues to add external vitality to the country, which is a point that he considers very important, and is among the opportunities that add vitality to the marketing of products, by linking bilateral relations with countries and economic blocs, which enables them to open markets and promote the product. national market in foreign markets, and also represents an opportunity for the Algerian economy to move from a rentier economy to an economy that produces goods and services, which is

It expects economic growth of 5.3 percent in 2023 and an increase in the gross domestic product in the future, as a result of government decisions that have positive repercussions, and what will increase the dynamism of foreign trade, he said, is that the government will remain committed to giving dynamism to diplomatic activity, adding that in my economic reading it relates to the movement of Algerian diplomatic activity, of course. All Algerian embassies around the world are committed to permanent or sustainable economic development, given that they will represent Algeria in foreign countries, which will make them convey the concerns of exporters and investors in polarized countries, especially since Algeria is in the process of searching for profits to improve the value of its national currency by increasing foreign currency inputs.

On a similar level, economic expert Dr. Mohamed Bouhda said that the government’s policy statement focused on providing purchasing power for vulnerable groups through the unemployment grant that the unemployed receive, which is an initiative, as Jed Hasna said, and that it came to strengthen the government’s social policy and also serve the national economy, by increasing The demand for goods and services thus increases production and can and will move the productive wheel, and thus the labor and employment market expands, which can be estimated to absorb a large percentage of the unemployed and an opportunity for young people to establish emerging enterprises. What will make matters smoother is the increase in the university student scholarship, which will be implemented for the 2023-2024 academic season. Which aims to enhance the student’s social status, indicating that

The decisions included in the government’s general policy statement can strengthen Algeria’s economic role locally, revive growth, achieve sustainable development, and give young people and investors the opportunity to create a revolution.

The recruitment process will gradually eliminate illegal immigration

In the same context, economic expert Dr. Mokhtar Allali explained in his interview with “Al-Hiwar” that Algeria has made great strides in the field of youth employment in recent times, as it has paid special attention to young people who hold certificates in various branches of knowledge, from graduates of universities and vocational training centers, where their owners have been able to Through this experience of the recruitment process, this confirms once again the positive effects of digitization in the field of employment, indicating that this process has positive repercussions on the social and economic levels. In the social field, young people have been able to establish families and support their families, and a kind of reassurance will prevail and thus Creating family balance and social support, as well as reducing social ills, will give social dynamism, and one of the importance of this measure is that it will reduce illegal immigration among young people who I think are searching for a stable job and social stability, and thus they will regain their self-confidence and distinction, and will also be happy to build their confidence in their country and their government. According to expert Dr. Allali, the advantages of this process include eliminating unemployment and revitalizing the labor market, thus stimulating savings and investment in financial institutions and banks. It will also reduce the gap between his government.

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