Sonelgaz records a new historical peak in the national consumption of electricity – El Hewar Algeria


Today, Tuesday at 14:44 hours, the national consumption of electric energy recorded a new historical peak estimated at 18,476 megawatts, according to Khalil Hudna, the official spokesman for the Sonelgaz complex.

The same spokesman attributed this fourth record level during the summer of 2023 to the continued rise in temperatures since the beginning of July.

The electric grid management system recorded an additional 1,000 megawatts as an increase in electricity consumption, compared to the last peak recorded on July 9, and a difference of 1,654 megawatts compared to the peak recorded last year (mid-August 2022).

Despite these historical levels, “the network and its equipment did not record any damage or fluctuation,” according to Mr. Hadna, who pointed out that the peak recorded at noon on Tuesday in Algeria represented double the consumption ceiling recorded in winter, “which reflects the volume of investments undertaken by Sonelgaz to respond to the increasing demand for electricity.”

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