Sonelgaz is writing a special program to make the new social entry a success


The distribution directorates of the Sonelgaz complex across all states of the country are writing a special program to make social income successful

The distribution directorates of the Sonelgaz complex across all states of the country have written a special program to make the new social income 2023/2024 a success, by linking educational institutions and university structures, as well as vocational education and training structures, to electricity and gas.

The Sonelgaz Complex explained in a statement that, in order to ensure that Sonelgaz is strongly present within this important national event, which receives special attention from the country’s higher authorities as well as those in charge of the Sonelgaz Complex, the Biskra Distribution Directorate has completed connecting more than 21 educational institutions to electricity across the various municipalities of the state. , including 16 primary school complexes, 4 middle schools, and one high school.

The same departments also added that more than 34 other schools were connected to natural gas, especially school restaurants, as 22 school complexes for primary education and 5 secondary schools benefited from connections to the gas that entered service, in addition to connecting two university residences to natural gas.

For its part, the Directorate of Distribution in Chlef Province, in coordination with local authorities and competent departments, connected 20 new educational facilities to electric and gas energy, as well as connecting 10 primary schools, 6 middle schools, and 3 high schools to electric and natural gas energy, in addition to the vocational training and apprenticeship center in the municipality of Tajna.

Sonelgaz reported that the Annaba Distribution Directorate was also on time, as the work of connecting 11 new educational institutions to electricity and gas was completed, including 7 primary, two middle and two secondary schools. The Sidi Bel Abbes Distribution Directorate was also able to connect 5 educational institutions to gas and 4 other institutions. With electricity, in addition to supplying a school restaurant with gas energy in the municipality of Ain Qada, and connecting two middle schools to each of the village of Belouladi and the 800-residence neighborhood on Tsala Road, while the directorate’s interests completed the process of connecting to electricity and gas at the level of the 2000-bed neighborhood at the university pole in Sidi Bel Abbes.

The same interests indicated that the El Bayadh Distribution Directorate had completed the work of connecting 9 school complexes distributed throughout the entire territory of the state. The Sidi Abdallah Distribution Directorate in the capital had also drawn up a plan to supply several facilities and educational institutions with energy in different regions.

Sonelgaz confirmed that, through the comprehensive plan, it seeks to contribute to providing the best conditions to receive pupils, students and trainees across the entire national territory.

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