Sonelgaz: A new historical peak in electricity consumption today, Monday – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


Algeria recorded, today, Monday, at 14:02 am, a new historical peak in terms of electricity consumption, estimated at 17,905 megawatts, according to what was reported by the official spokesman for the “Sonelgaz” company, Khalil Hadna.
This is after the first peak recorded yesterday, Sunday 9 July, estimated at 17508 megawatts.
The same spokesman confirmed that, despite the high temperature that was recorded recently, the energy structures and the national electrical network interacted positively with this exceptional situation, as the interests of Sonelgaz took care of the electricity recovery operations for some areas that were affected by varying fluctuations in the distribution of electricity.
The vigilance cell, which was set up at the level of the General Directorate of the Sonelgaz complex, supervises all technical directives and supplies related to the specialized human resource and material support to face every emergency that may occur as a result of this exceptional situation.

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