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The national company “Sonatrach” launched a digital reporting platform called “Sonatrach Compliance Against Corruption and Bribery: “SPEAKUP”, in a step towards combating corruption and bribery.

The company’s statement said, “Sonatrach took a decisive step in the fight against corruption and bribery by launching, on September 10, 2023, a digital reporting platform called “Sonatrach Compliance Against Corruption and Bribery: SPEAKUP.”

The SPEAKUP reporting platform is a reporting and alerting mechanism that falls within the framework of a proactive approach adopted by Sonatrach. Based on the ISO 37001 standard related to the anti-corruption and anti-bribery management system, according to Sonatrach’s statement.

The same source also explained that the Sonatrach “Compliance against Corruption and Bribery” platform: “SPEAKUP” is the first digital platform for reporting and revealing acts of corruption at the national level.

This platform was developed with secure standards and tools, allowing employees, customers and other stakeholders to report securely. For illegal or dangerous illegal actions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. As well as any violation of the Sonatrach anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy and code of conduct.

The statement also indicated that the “SPEAKUP” digital platform fully complies with the directives of the alert management system according to the ISO 37002 standard approved by Sonatrach, which ensures the protection of the identity of reporting persons. It also ensures the security and confidentiality of information related to notifications.

At the conclusion of the statement, it was stated that the aim of establishing the “SPEAKUP” platform is to facilitate honest reporting of acts of corruption and bribery, strengthen its fight against corruption, and reaffirm its commitment to establishing the principles of transparency, fairness and integrity and preserving the economic and public interest.

More information about the SPEAKUP reporting platform can be found at the following link:


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