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Today, Sunday, the National Company for the Management of Land Terminals, “Sogral,” announced the development of an exceptional plan. To ensure the transportation of passengers during social income, it is based on increasing the number of buses and taxis, extending working hours, as well as providing stations with electronic payment services via the Internet.

The company explained in a statement that after the actual date of social entry was decided on September 19th. An exceptional plan to ensure increased movement within land stations. The demand for daily flights to various destinations has doubled, confirming that the corporation seeks to provide the best services to travelers. Transporters and taxi drivers, paying attention to good treatment and reception, and adopting a method of dialogue and discussion with representatives of the profession.

The same source explained that this plan includes intensifying flights to any destination that experiences an increase in demand. This is in coordination with the various state transportation directorates nationally, which are provided with the weekly activity tally in permanent coordination with the interests of the transportation directorates. To ensure the continuity of regular public transportation services for people via roads.

Urban transport lines are being strengthened by bus in coordination with the Public Urban Transport Corporation “ITUSA”. Across various states and through urban transportation by taxi. This is by opening the way for everyone, and working sessions are held with representatives of urban transport as well as buses in order to intensify trips and extend working hours, the statement adds. He highlighted that “Sogral” is working through this plan to comprehensively prepare land stations to receive travelers in the best conditions. This is done by carrying out comprehensive cleaning campaigns for the stations and allocating special waiting rooms for students, especially the stations concerned with the university transportation plan, while approaching and coordinating with some state education directorates and textbook offices in order to open book selling points at the station level.

Distributing the electronic payment service via the Internet to 35 land stations nationally

Within the framework of digitizing services and after launching the electronic payment service for tickets via postal and bank cards, “Sogral” confirmed the dissemination of the electronic payment service via the Internet to 35 land stations nationally, after it was limited to the “Kharouba” land station, Algiers, highlighting that the plan to complete The program to generalize the service across the rest of the land stations nationally will take place before the end of the current semester.

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